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Playing With Race In The Democratic Party Primary

I am actually confused by what is going on, it seems to have become established talking points.

Hillary is better for “African American/People of Color voters”

Bernie is better for “White Voters”

In one form or another, take your pick on applying race in their Primary.

As far as I can see both are white and of a certain age.

I’m not sure either of them really can understand what it is to be a person of color in the US, I know I don’t. You can make assumptions based on income disparity, incarceration rates, etc, etc, but to actually fully get it as it were, no.

You can then also parse between gender, gender label, religion or lack thereof, sexuality and income, you can make all the assumptions you like, on average you might be near the mark, or not.

From my own experience people vary as differently from their appearance as they do from anything else, applying averages makes for ridiculous and  biased predictions of their supposed desires. What are your assumptions based upon, are you sure they are not tainted from the get go? Now for what is going on between Bernie’s and Hillary’s ears, your guess is as good as mine.

Personally, all I can do is look at what matters to me and mine and not make stuff up for others, that is how I will base my vote.

The other responsibility is to listen to others.

I’ll make one assumption, everyone else will have their own assumptions based upon all sorts of environmental/social/cultural factors.

I find when one talks of averages, many get rolled over, forgotten and often abused. As long as the Democratic Party at least tries to progress, then there is hope, the Republican Party gave up decades ago.

Just a thought.

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