White Karen Gets Her Husband Knock Out at Pittsburgh Steelers Game By Black Man

It’s football season again in Pittsburgh. Wild Fight In The Stands During Steelers – Lions Game As Woman Slaps Man, Then The Man Knocks Out Her Husband:

Another week of pre-season football, another fight in the stands. A verbal altercation turned violent in the stands during the Steelers – Lions game at Heinz field Saturday night. A fan captured a video of the women getting into a verbal altercation with the man in the stands then she proceeds to slap him. After that, the man who was slapped clearly had enough and decided to start swinging for the fences and KOs her man. 😭 She got her dude knocked tf out.

She got punched on too😩 It was an ugly scene as the man who got knocked out took many hard punches to the head and fell back in to his seat. Luckily for him and his head onlookers jumped in to stop the barrage and eventually you can see the man regain consciousness

  • August 24, 2021
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