There was an attack on the seat of government complete with feces left by some of the insurrectionists. Because Trump must be declared the winner of something, something. Fortunately there was no explosive discharge of the pipe bombs.

ABC News then obtained an exclusive photo of the suspected explosive device found outside the RNC, which is located just a couple blocks away from the Capitol.

A federal law enforcement source told ABC News that the suspected pipe bombs were indeed active, and U.S. Capitol Police confirmed that the devices could have caused “great harm.”

“The USCP Hazardous Materials Response Team determined that both devices were, in fact, hazardous and could cause great harm to public safety,” police said in statement.

Bomb technicians used water cannons to blast the devices to break them apart and render them harmless just as violent pro-Trump protesters broke though police lines and stormed into the Capitol.…



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So very Freudian.

They took a dump on the seat of American democracy — literally.

Some of the unhinged pro-Trump rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday defecated inside the historic building and “tracked” their feces in several hallways, the Daily News has learned.

A source close to Sen. Chuck Schumer said staffers to the New York Democrat found out about the fecal fiasco on Thursday.
The vile attackers, whose violent invasion of the Capitol left four people dead, apparently went No. 2 in a bathroom and then smeared their extremist excrement around the building, leaving behind brownish “foot-prints,” the source said.
“It looked like they tracked it around,” said the person.…



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Vice President Pence opposed calls to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office following Wednesday’s a mob of Trump supporters' attacks on the Capitol, according to multiple reports.

Business Insider first reported that Pence would not back the move, citing advisers to the vice president.

Following the violent riots at the Capitol building Wednesday, a number of Republican and Democratic lawmakers urged Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. The 1967 amendment to the Constitution ensures that the government remains in operation should a sitting president be deemed unfit to perform presidential duties.

A majority of the Trump Cabinet and Pence would have to agree the president is unfit to serve for him to be removed.

Calls for the 25th Amendment to be invoked came amid fears that Trump would incite more violence following the riots that damaged parts of the Capitol and left four people dead.…


— The Hill (@thehill) January 8, 2021


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