Pillow Man vows to drop pillows from helicopters onto Canada's terror truckers. What could go wrong?

Someone needs to crack open Mike Lindell’s head and replace the piñata candy already. It’s obviously gone bad. 

The latest from Fascista Ned Flanders may have you scratching your head until you scrape brain: The Mewling Mustache of Minnesota wants to help those scofflaw Canadian truckers who are deliberately screwing with the economy of multiple nations in order to fight for their right to die with no dignity—and for no discernible reason. And how can Lindell help? Well, he can give them pillows, of course! Because he already has them, and ever since he tried to literally end America, roughly two-thirds of the country would rather snort a gonorrheal lungfish through a coke straw than sleep on one of his filthy foam sacks.

  • February 17, 2022