Pig Bones and Public Schools: Meet Betsy DeVos, Our New Education Secretary

How are pig bones like public schools? Dick and Betsy know!

Just in time so everyone would be too busy peeling potatoes and baking pies to notice, Donald Trump tapped wife and daughter of Dominion Christianity Michigan Billionaires, Betsy Prince DeVos. The wife of Dick DeVos and sister of Erik Prince(founder of the now defunct Blackwater mercs for hire), this princess of Dutch Reformed Ada Township has made a career of using her family money and influence to push an anti-public education agenda on Michigan and the entire country.

You may be wondering, what real education experience does Betsy DeVos have? The answer is none. She’s doing God’s work to eliminate public schools, which she prefers to call government schools, so that the only education any child can receive is an education approved by her. This means creationism instead of real science, David Barton fever dream American History instead of real American History, and reading the Bible as literature in ELA classes. In this 2001 recording of Dick and Betsy DeVos speaking at The Gathering in 2001, you will hear them explain why they devote so much money and effort to destroy public education, rather than just focus on funding Christian schools.

The part about their plan for public education begins at 22:50

If you listen carefully, around 30:00 Dick and Betsy DeVos compare Detroit Public Schools, and all public education, to an ancient pagan community in Israel. The pagans ate pigs, and archaeologists found pig bones where they lived. As the layers of civilization were dug up, fewer and fewer pig bones were found, showing the Israelites converted the pagans and those converts stopped eating pigs. Dick and Betsy DeVos believe public education is pagan, and they must spread their Christian world view on public education to clear it of evil heathen pig bones – meaning evil unionized government schools.

This woman thinks public education is a hotbed of heathen evil — remember the pig bones!

Betsy DeVos has been busy in Michigan and the Country pushing for school vouchers, lifting caps on for-profit charter/cancer schools, and in Detroit, spending money left and right in Lansing so the state legislature would pass a controversial bill to change the structure of Detroit Public Schools, making it easier for them to convert the entire district into for-profit education. All while selling soap and vitamins in a direct sales pyramid scheme cult, making the DeVos family fabulously wealthy and well-connected.

If you didn’t think a Trump presidency would be that bad, you’re right. It’s going to be worse than anything you can possibly imagine. Betsy DeVos is exponentially more terrible than every other appointment Trump has made so far combined. Pure Evil was just tapped to head the Department of Education. Betsy DeVos is coming for the pagan pig bones in America – meaning our public schools.

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