Pew Research Poll: 65% Say Trump Was Too Slow in Pandemic Response

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A Pew Research Survey released today show 65% of Americans think Trump acted too slowly in addressing the coronavirus outbreak, that 66% worry that restrictions will be lifted too quickly, and 73% think the situation will get worse.…

Fewer than half of Americans say Trump portrays coronavirus situation ‘about as it really is.’ Just 39% say in his public comments on the coronavirus outbreak, Trump is presenting the situation about as it really is. About half (52%) say he is making the situation seem better than it really is, while 8% say he is making things seem worse than they really are.

Trump’s overall approval is at 44% while 53% disapprove, little changed from one month ago.

Pew conducted the poll April 7-12 among 4,917 adult Americans.


Gallup Poll Shows Trump Has Lost His Approval Bump.…

The survey, released on Thursday, found that 43 percent of American adults approve of the way Trump is handling his job as president, while 54 percent say they disapprove. The findings represent a significant drop from a March 24 Gallup poll that found Trump’s approval rating had climbed to 49 percent, which matched a personal best for his presidency.

The survey shows Trump lost ground among Democrats and Independents. His approval among Democrats dropped six points to stand at seven percent in the last month. His approval among Independents dropped four points to 39%. Trump’s approval among Republicans is 93%.

  • April 16, 2020