Pew Research Center is out with a poll showing 54% approve of the US House impeachment proceedings while 44% disapprove. In early September when less was known about Trump’s dealings, the public split about 50/50 on the question in the same poll.

But about one-in-ten adults (9%) who had opposed the House opening impeachment proceedings last month now approve of the decision to conduct an impeachment inquiry, based on an analysis that tracks change in opinion among the same survey respondents over time.

Among Democrats, 93% said that Trump has definitely or probably committed impeachable acts, (70% say he definitely has). There seems to be some weakening among Republicans supporting Trump, and this may escalate we hear more.

– a smaller majority of Republicans (80%) say he has not. Fewer than half of Republicans (46%) say Trump has definitely not done things that are grounds for impeachment.

The Pew Poll was taken 1-13 of October and surveyed 3,487 adults.


The Gallup Poll released yesterday showed 52% approved impeachment and removal from office.


A MSN News Poll found that 54% supported Trump’s removal from office in a survey that was taken October 12-14 and released on October 15. The demographic breakdown of that poll showed that Americans under 30 support impeachment and removal by 69%. People over 65 favor impeachment by 50% to 48%.


A newly released KOM poll of Colorado voters showed 54% support the inquiry and 48% want Trump removed from office. Hickenlooper leads Gardner 53% to 44% for the Senate, according to the same poll.

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