Pete Buttigieg eviscerates Fox News once again

He’s making a habit of this, and I love it.

Who ever said Democrats shouldn’t appear on Fox News? How else are its viewers ever supposed to hear the truth?



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BUTTIGIEG: “It’s not even clear what he’s claiming [this] adds up to. They’re just kind of saying, ‘ooh, there are questions …’”

BRET BAIER: “That Joe Biden was discussing all of his business deals.”

BUTTIGIEG: “If they want to make this about the business deals of a government official, let’s talk about the president of the United States having a secret Chinese bank account. That’s not, like, you know, something somebody said that used to work with somebody related to the president … that’s a matter of documented fact. And they won’t even tell us what bank it’s with. Does that bother Americans? I’m pretty sure it bothers Americans a lot more than what they’re trying to whip up for the last 12 days of this election season.” 

Yes, Hunter Biden something-something. Okay, fine. You’ve convinced me. I won’t vote for Hunter Biden. 

As for Donald Trump’s second-term agenda? Scour Hunter Biden’s laptop for more dirt! Does he Google the answers when he does crossword puzzles? Does he still have an @aol email? There’s got to be more, right? Otherwise, Rudy Giuliani got caught fiddling his nuts for nothing!

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has a secret Chinese bank account, but for Trump, that’s like scandal No. 3,472, so never the fuck mind.

Enjoy the debate, folks. Not sure my weed toking can possibly keep pace with the fusillade of screaming lies, but I’ll try my best!


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