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Persuadable Voters Reached Through FOX?

Bernie and others are saying that there are persuadable voters who can be reached through Democrats appearing on FOX or Trump TV and making arguments for progressive policies (part of this belief may be based upon this Vox report).  I have to confess that I am in the “stay the hell away from FOX” crowd.  I believe we legitimize FOX and all of its racism, bigotry, and lies when Democrats show up and act like it is just another news outlet.  But I could be wrong.  Maybe there are some persuadable voters who watch FOX?  However, I think that several factors have to be taken into consideration on this debate to debate on FOX.

  • How many studies have been done to demonstrate there are true persuadable voters who watch FOX?  
  • Is there a good definition of who is a persuadable voter?
  • If there are persuadable voters who watch FOX, how MANY of them are there?  What are those numbers when compared to the rest of the voting public?
  • Are there more persuadable voters who simply do not vote and not watch FOX?
  • How much time must a Democratic candidate spend on FOX to persuade a FOX viewer to consider voting for a Democrat?
  • How much time must a Democratic candidate spend to persuade a non-voter who does not watch FOX to vote for a Democrat?

And there a host of other questions that I know I have not thought of when it comes to this issue.

One thing to keep in mind is what type of person is tuning into FOX for their so called news?  I have only anecdotal information, but many of the FOX viewers I know have 1) hard core conservative views and/or 2) are racist and bigots.  My own experience is that it is damn difficult to get those types of people to change their thinking.

Also, we have to ask who is cheering Bernie on to appear on FOX?  Why, it appears to be many in the establishment media!  Let’s be honest here.  Most so called journalists and reporters still argue that FOX’s “news” division is separate from its opinion division.  

As someone who has voted for Bernie in a primary in 2016, I can say that this is BS that most of us here on Daily Kos can agree upon.

Bernie showing up on FOX makes it easy for the establishment media not to change their stance on FOX.  And it demonstrates that Democrats are in “disarray” as Bernie disregards what most Democrats had agreed upon:  No FOX debates.  And the establishment media just loves when a candidate goes and gives some speech in front of a potentially hostile crowd.  It supposedly demonstrates courage.

Notice this standard only applies to Democrats. 

However, as I stated earlier, I could be wrong on all of this.  But I do not think that anyone can say with certainty that Bernie is really onto something here, at least not yet.

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