#PermitPatty, Who Sells Weed for Dogs, Called Cops on 8-Year Old Black Girl Selling Water

Alison Ettel of Treatwell Health–a San Francisco edibles company that puts cannabis in pet food—had a problem with an 8-year old selling bottled water near her store “without a permit”.


She has been rightfully vilified on social media, and has since changed her story.  She later told news media that she didn’t care about the permit—although that is clearly what she said on camera—but that the girl’s mother was selling “too loud”.  She wasn’t really calling the police… she was calling building security or was just pretending to call the police.

At least one dispensary has decided to cut #permitpatty loose:

She blamed stress. 

I have zero empathy. 

What she did to that little girl is inexcusable. 

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