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People in the Villages are Dying from Covid, Scott wants seat filled & Desantis's bloody hands

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This is just beyond brutal.   I do not know how many were conservative but this is how it shaped up yesterday in central Florida. 

  2020 is beyond scary and God only knows what 2021 will bring with the Russian interference, a murderer in the WH and now RBG at the Supreme Court gone.

We knew it would be a bumpy ride.  We did not know it would be a death ride.

Eight more local residents have succumbed to COVID-19 as the tri-county area reported 105 new cases of the virus on Friday.

Six of the latest fatalities were from Lake County, while one was from Sumter County and the other one lived in Marion County. They were identified by the Florida Department of Health as:

  • 89-year-old Lake County woman who tested positive Aug. 12;
  • 67-year-old Lake County woman who tested positive Aug. 14;
  • 89-year-old Lake County man who tested positive Sept. 5;
  • 66-year-old Lake County woman who tested positive Sept. 11;
  • 101-year-old Lake County woman who tested positive Sept. 17;
  • 77-year-old Lake County woman who tested positive Sept. 17;
  • 68-year-old Sumter County man who tested positive Aug. 14; and
  • 52-year-old Marion County man who tested positive Aug. 19

All told, Florida is reporting 677,660 COVID-19 cases – an increase of 3,204 from Thursday to Friday. Of those, 669,684 are residents. A total of 44,826 cases have been reported in long-term care centers and 22,085 in correctional facilities. Across the state, there have been 13,386 deaths and 42,234 people have been hospitalized.

Desantis is killing Florida and it’s residents. Schools are opening, no mask mandate and no social distance enforcement.

Rick Scott the thief has come out and said Trump needs to fill RBG’s seat before presidential election.

We are so hurting down here in Florida.



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By the way, did I mention Rush is still alive?  The Devil must not want him either.

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