Pennsylvania Voter ID Law May End Up Blocked

I'M a PA resident.  This law SUCKS!

It was, from the very beginning, designed and intended to disenfranchise minority and young voters in Pennsylvania.  It has also threatened to disenfranchise older Pennsylvanians.  People like my neighbor Ralph, who manned the radio in a B-24 over Italy, Germany, and the Pacific during WWII – but who doesn't drive any more due to his advanced age.

But, it seems that HOPE is on the horizon.

The PA Dept. of Transportation (PennDOT) doesn't seem to have enough ID cards to give one to everybody who needs one.  Even after lawmakers and PennDOT officials got together and eased the requirements for obtaining a Voter ID card, it wasn't enough to sway a judge.

And it's odd that it should be THIS judge.