Received this e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

This Saturday and next, we're teaming up with our friends from Turn PA Blue to call thousands of likely new Democrats and help them register to vote!

Sign up to call potential Democrats as part of our push to register 125,000 new voters. Turn PA Blue will provide training and support to anyone who needs it!

Voter Registration Saturday of Action
Virtual Phone Bank + Live Training/Support
April 24th & May 1st | 2-4 PM

Can't make Saturday? Pick another event!

Each Saturday shift includes a ZOOM Community Call and starts with an (optional) phone bank training. You can join both weekends or just pick one.

These calls are a crucial part of our push to grow the party and protect every Pennsylvanians' right to vote! And with training/support from Turn PA Blue, they're an easy starting point if you're looking for new ways to stay involved.

Call likely new Dems about registering to vote:

Click here to sign up.

Click here to find another event.

Also, Fair Districts PA is holding a big Day Of Action on April 29th to fight back against gerrymandering:

The Picture is Clear –

Pennsylvanians want Fair, Transparent Redistricting!

In advance of the state-wide Day of Action on April 29 (to promote transparency, public participation and fairness in PA redistricting) FDPA Allegheny County is launching a social media blitz starring YOU!

We’re asking as many of you as possible to take a selfie holding a poster (Click here for a sample) urging your state legislator(s) to support passage of LACRA (HB22 and SB222). Then take these steps:

  • Post it to your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and to friends and colleagues
  • Send a copy to Include your 1st name and county.                

We’ll use it ONLY for FDPA promotion.

Nothing conveys support like LOTS of faces.  

Posting and sending hundreds of pictures to our state legislators will make it clear we want change.

  • Print out the poster below, or get creative and make one of your own – just be sure to note support for LACRA. The message is generic. You can mention your senator or representative by name when you send it, asking their support (or thanking them for backing our bill.)
  • Hold your sign so it and your face are visible
  • Snap the picture in the vertical position
  • Post in your social media, with reference to your representative(s)
  • Send a copy to

WHILE WE’VE GOT YOUJoin us on April 29th – 11 AM at the top of the Mon Incline in downtown Pittsburgh, where we will use a drone to get a group photo of all assembled with the city skyline in the background. MASKS REQUIRED

It’s one of numerous action events taking place across the state that day, designed to show the depth and breadth of support for change. PLEASE ALLOW ENOUGH TIME TO PARK AND RIDE TO THE SUMMIT FOR THE 11 AM SHOOT The fare for a round-trip ride on the Incline is $5.00 payable by cash or credit card to them.

TO REGISTER: Please send an email with your name to if you opt not to send us a copy of your selfie photo.)

Registration lets us know about how many people will be taking part and enables us to reach you if we have to change plans due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances and is a way for you to ask questions or let us know of a change of plans. Hope to see you there!

Many thanks for your help and support.

–The FDPA Allegheny County Volunteer Team

More information about LACRA is here:

Here’s some more information:

The National People Powered Fair Maps Day of Action is April 29, just ten days away.

There will be lots of actions throughout the state. Here are just a few: 

Not all actions will be on April 29. Here's one on April 28, while some of our legislators are in session:

These are just a sampling. There are events in every part of the state, from April 24 to May 1.

Anyone is invited to an action in any county so go local or take a road trip to someplace else. You can find all our local actions here. A few are still brewing. We’ll add details as we have them.

Here’s an idea for an action in your own county, town or neighborhood. You can do this any time before April 29, then share it on that day:

  1. Think of a recognizable local landmark (a neighborhood sign, a historic mural, a Welcome sign for your county or city).
  2. Wear a Fair Districts PA tee shirt or pin and make your own sign saying “[County/Town/Neighborhood Name] Wants Fair Districts.”
  3. Invite some friends or neighbors to join you at the landmark then take a photo with the landmark and FDPA signs in view.
  4. Send the photo to your local legislators and to
  5. Share the photo on social media on April 29 as part our National Day of Action.

We’ll be creating video and photo collages with your photos to help make it clear: people in every part of Pennsylvania want fair districts. (Check below for ideas, then be creative!)

We’ve been adding co-sponsors for supported bills almost every day. Help us keep up that good work and get this reform passed before new maps are drawn.

Thanks for taking action!

Carol Kuniholm
Fair Districts PA

  • April 22, 2021
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