Pennsylvania Democrats Double Down To Expand Their Statewide Vote-By-Mail Program


Received this e-mail from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

Voting by mail is how we'll expand democracy, keep voters safe, and win at every level as we fight this pandemic. PA Dems are focusing our efforts on mail-in voting to meet this moment.

We're writing to update you on four ways PA Democrats are turning out the mail-in vote right now. Before we do, can you chip in $20.20 to sustain and expand our statewide vote by mail programs?

We can't knock doors or hold in-person events, but that hasn't slowed our field team at all! We've taken organizing virtual with phone banks, texting, and online outreach to meet voters where they are.

Just last week, our team mobilized nearly 500 volunteers to make over 125,000 phone calls to Democrats!

PA Dems recently launched one of our biggest digital ad buys ever. We're hitting millions of computer screens, phones, and social feeds across PA with one clear message: Go. Vote. By. Mail.


From county parties to activist groups to your local neighbors association, our partners are firing on all cylinders to educate, organize, and mobilize their community for mail-in voting.

Online trainings, resources, and virtual meet-ups are the tools we're using to cultivate relationships and conversation in every ZIP code.

Local press and their readers are hungry for information about voting in the midst of a viral outbreak. The PA Dems' communications team is working double-time to educate journalists and boost our visibility in media outlets all over the state.


Even in these early stages, our efforts to boost voting by mail show promising results! Democrats have opened up sizable margins in the number of mail-in ballots requested.

We can't slow down, though! Rather, we need to keep testing new and innovative ways to extend our advantage and grow the PA electorate.

Please donate now to help do that. There are still millions of potential at-home voters we haven't reached yet, and we need your help mobilizing them!

Click here to donate to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s statewide vote by mail program.

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