Pennsylvania Democratic Party Wants To Make Sure You're Registered To Vote For The June 2nd Primary

Received this e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

Today, May 18th, is the final day to register as a Dem for the June 2nd primary. Online voter registration closes at 11:59 PM.


We already know we can count on you to check your registration and cast your ballot! Now, we need your help reaching others. Can you share a Voter Reg. link to help your community vote right now?

And FWD this email to two PA friends who vote blue!

Under Pennsylvania law, only registered Democrats can vote in Democratic primaries. We want to make sure as many voices as possible are reflected in this year's primary, and we need your help reaching people we haven't reached ourselves.

So please take sixty seconds to forward this email or share on social media. We need your voice in your community to win.

Together we win,
The PA Dems' Field Team

Click here to check that you’re registered to vote.

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  • May 18, 2020