Penis Health – Is Testosterone Deficiency to Blame for Poor Erectile Function?

Having difficulties with pecker perkiness? It is easy to joke around about erectile issues, but for men that experience them, they are no laughing matter. Whether they manifest as weak erections, complete loss or anticlimactic climaxes of erectile ability, Dive into details these problems take a serious toll on a man’s emotional well being and physical, to never point out that of his significant other. What is more: Erectile dysfunction may be a warning sign of poor penis health or perhaps an underlying condition that has be identified as well as treated.

One condition which is such is androgen deficiency, which is marked by abnormally low amounts of male sex hormones, especially testosterone. There are plenty of causes and symptoms of androgen deficiency, and learning what you should look for may help men understand when to suspect the condition.

Androgen Deficiency Symptoms

Decreased levels of male hormone is able to cause several signs. Sexual indications include:

  • Reduced sex drive

– Reduced amount of ejaculate

  • Weak erections
  • Weak orgasms
  • November 19, 2023