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Pence staffer tests positive Covid19 while Trump is parading around 90 year olds at WWII memorial

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I just saw where Pence’s staffer has tested positive for Coronovirus while Trump is parading around the WWII Memorial around 90 year old veterans.  Oh he loves vets.  Sure he does.   He is showing up for VE day like he cares about veterans.  

Melania is walking right beside him.   I didn’t notice any hand holding but that is nothing new.  True enough there was some distancing between the veterans and Trump but he had no mask, no gloves, nothing in the way of protective standards set by the CDC.

WASHINGTON – An aide to Vice President Mike Pence has tested positive for coronavirus, a senior administration official confirmed Friday to NBC News.

This comes a day after news broke that President Donald Trump’s personal valet had also tested positive.…

I bet that White House is crawling with that virus and they will lie to folks as they continue to endanger the public.

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