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Pence says Trump created more jobs in three months than Obama did in eight years … uh, what?

Does this kind of argument work with anyone? The guy whose administration has overseen the destruction of millions of total jobs is bragging about the number of jobs created in the past three months. Interesting that he said “three” and not “four.” Wonder why that would be. Oh, I see now. Because we lost 20.8 million jobs in April alone.

Oh, and as CNN points out, the claim that Pence is making here — as dishonestly framed as it is — isn’t even true.


It clearly doesn’t make sense to compare the last three months of Trump’s tenure to the entire Obama administration. But even if you feel like doing this comparison for some reason, Pence is still wrong.
There were about 11.6 million jobs added under Obama and Biden from February 2009, their first full month in office, through January 2017, when Trump took office — far more than the 9.3 million added under Trump in May, June and July of this year. (If you start the Obama calculation in the terrible jobs month of January 2009, though George W. Bush was in office for most of the month, and end it in December 2016, though Obama was in office for most of January 2017, the gain under Obama was about 10.6 million jobs.)

Oh, and Obama inherited a deep recession, whereas Trump came into office in the middle of a robust recovery. This is like Exxon bragging that they wiped off more oily ducks in three weeks than the entire town of Valdez, Alaska, did in 100 years.

Yup, this is exactly how Jesus would spin these numbers. Well done, Captain Christian.

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