Pelosi schools reporter: You mistook GOP for somebody who gave a damn

The President and the Republican leaders of the Senate have failed America. These politicians have left Washington DC likely for weeks while Americans are suffering. The statement Speaker Nancy Pelosi made to the reporter, was necessary to ensure some false narrative did not metastasize.

Watch the full episode here.

Pelosi said the following in her press conference recently with regards to the pandemic & stimulus.

“It’s no wonder we have a vast difference because this administration and Republicans in Congress never understood the gravity of the situation,” Pelosi said. “They called it a hoax. By a miracle, it will go away. They are a hoax.”

And then it happened. A reporter asked a question that good drive a false narrative or worse a false equivalence.

“Do you feel that even a half a loaf in this situation,” the reporter asked. “Something to stem the crisis would be better than nothing.”

Pelosi would have none of it. She was not going to allow that narrative as many others to gain traction. The problem is Republicans playing hardball, The problem is Republicans’ lack of empathy.

“Perhaps you don’t understand ‘nothing.’ This is not half a loaf,” Pelosi responded with disgust. “This is not even being in the same room.”

Pelosi then put on her pleasant level of condescension for the reporter that must be clueless to today’s realities with the evil emanating from the Republicans negotiating.

“I appreciate the goodness that you asked that question with,” Pelosi responded. “Perhaps you mistook them for somebody who gave a damn. That isn’t the case.”

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