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Pelosi schools ABC host as she tried to slam Democratic governor on COVID-19 resurgence

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ABC Host Martha Raddatz asked Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi a charged and rather silly question with a partisan twist.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi never gets caught off guard

Watch the full episode here.

Nancy Pelosi appeared on This Week today. She was interviewed by Martha Raddatz. The ABC Host asked her a rather charge question in a partisan manner.

“Speaker Pelosi, one of the things you talk about is getting rid of COVID,” Raddatz said. “Your home state, California, is the first state to surpass a half a million positive cases, a record high number. What did your fellow Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom do wrong? And what should he do in the future?”

Why did Raddatz use the term “Democrat Governor” instead of Democratic Governor? Why did she specify party in first place? Worse, does she not know math. States that are much smaller show a much higher rate which is what matters. But Speaker Pelosi was ready.

“Well, I don’t think he did anything wrong,” Speaker Pelosi said. “We are the largest state in the union, so numerically it isn’t shocking to say we have the most cases. But we’re very proud of our governor, Governor Newsom, he contained and controlled how this spread in the beginning. Some people in the state wanted to open up. And we’re a large state, we have great diversity of opinion on what should happen in different regions, and when that — when the opening up took place, we have more cases. And that should be instructive to others the virus is vicious and you have to have shelter in place as long as you need it. And when you do and you reduce the spread then you can open up the schools when you reduce the rate of infection in a community, but until you do that, you have to be very careful.”

It clear it is not only the White House that needs to be vacated but partisan hosts.

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