We know that Speaker Pelosi never holds back. She had some choice words for the president and Democrat's electoral prospects in 2020 and beyond.

Nancy Pelosi continues to lead first and then critique

Watch the full episode here.

Nancy Pelosi never holds back on her words. She is measured but always on point.

“In terms of voting,” Nancy Pelosi said. “Look, don't pay any attention to what the president is saying.” Because it is all designed to suppress the vote. He is going to have law enforcement. That's in their playbook.”

The Speaker then continued about Trump's sinister intent.

“We've seen their playbook,” Pelosi continued. “They will have people intimidated to vote, having ICE agents or other law enforcement there to instill fear in people as they show up. Why are they here? It is scary.”

She then tells all to ignore all of that because it is a suppress-the-vote tactic. She said it is no different than what the post office is doing as they dismantle machines, remove mailboxes, cancel overtime, and more.

She finishes her statement on the issue with a proactive statement. In other words, not to cower or fear. But vote overwhelmingly.

“Ignore them,” Nancy Pelosi said. “Make a plan to vote. Do so to vote early' so that we will have an outcome that is clear as clear to election night as possible. … I hope that our victory will be so big. It will be so big; it'll be so clear. And by the way, from the standpoint of the House, it is my political goal to win so big that we are putting down a down payment on two years from now.”

Encourage all to vote. And do not listen to the intimidation from the Right. Lean into it and beat it by going to the polls like never before.

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