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Pelosi is a BOSS! Press release owns McCarthy, refers to him as (Q-CA)

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The GOP members of the House are livid with McCarthy for not removing Greene—not because they have a problem with her anti-Semitism or lunacy, but because they are now facing a vote they don’t want to take. They either stand with Greene, and own QAnon, or stand against her, and risk ticking off their white supremacist base.  Kevin was supposed to protect them. He didn’t.

It’s ironic they decry him for his spinelessness, because now they have to showcase theirs.

They know if they vote to keep this nutjob on the Budget and Education committees, the ads will run themselves. Yet many of them feel they have no choice in today’s GOP. The majority whip was even asked by several Republicans for “more time,” but he and Nancy aren’t having it.

In fact, Nancy sent out this press release:

 This is not a hard vote if you have a shred of decency. Just watch her below and tell me honestly that she deserves to make Budget decisions or have input in your child’s education:

If you still answer yes, then you deserve whatever happens to you in 2022 and beyond.  You guys can only gerrymander so much, and people are pissed.

She’s out regardless, but the vote on Thursday will prove once and for all that the GOP has forever devolved into a cult. Get used to people replacing the R with a Q!

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