Pelosi hits back at MSNBC host about negotiations 'It's not just about dollars. It's about values'

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was interviewed on MSNBC. She had to firmly but graciously hit back at the host about blame in the current stimulus negotiations' failure.

Nancy Pelosi hits all the right notes on stimulus negotiations

Watch the full episode here.

MSNBC Host Kristen Welker interviewed Speaker Pelosi in what can only be considered a slanted interview. It is upsetting to watch hosts attempt to play to a false middle ground especially since that middle ground generally has a right bias.

Nancy Pelosi started with an important statement making it clear that kids will not be able to get back to school nor can the economy open up effectively until COVID-19 infections are brought under control. Too often that point is not given the gravity it must have.

Kirsten asked Pelosi that given the huge difference in price tags between the bill between Democrats and Republicans if they should not find the middle ground. Pelosi gave a response one hopes more progressive politicians would give.

“The middle ground is not Sophie’s Choice,” Pelosi snapped back. “How many children won’t be fed. How are we going to deal with evictions?  How many people are delegated to eviction and homelessness? “

She then made the very important point about what the negotiations are all about.

“This is a different kind of a negotiation,” the Speaker said. “This isn’t just about dollars. It is about values.”

The host then had the nerve to ask if the Speaker overplayed her hand. That is too often the problem with the media. They are too antiseptic. They are no longer among the suffering for their stories so the questioning does not have the urgency and gravitas that allows the population at large to understand the dire strait many of their fellow Americans are under. And because of that, the politicians that need to be pressured suffer no consequences for their implicit evil doings.

Pelosi made it clear one is not overplaying one’s hand when negotiating on real basic needs. The reporter should be asking what will it take to stop a party like the GOP to stop inflicting harm, sometimes death to the American citizenry.

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