Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi did not mince her words. Most importantly, she necessarily assigned blame and pointed out the immorality of GOP Senators.

Nancy Pelosi defines GOP Senator's immorality

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi did something that Progressives and Democrats need to do more frequently; point out the immorality inherent to their current position. When ideology is inhumane, it is really a bankrupted religion.

Pelosi points out that Mitch McConnell and Republican senators are preventing the $2000 crumb that Americans need. She said they are in denial by denying the needs of Americans.

The truth is, they are not in denial. They are unempathetic beings who, in their wealth, fail to see the dire straits a large percentage of Americans are in now.

“I have said before,” Pelosi said. “It is amazing to see the patience that some people have with other people's suffering. These Republicans in the Senate seem to have an endless tolerance for other people's sadness.”

That is a piercing statement that should be repeated over and over again. Americans are in food lines. Americans are unable to go to their doctors. They are unable to pay their rents and mortgages for no fault of their own. That is the purpose of government.

When business is in trouble, Republican Senators are always ready to spend, create new money to make them whole. When the defense industrial complex orchestrates war, there is unlimited money to go around waste and enrich a few. Yet, when humans, Americans need support due to circumstances of the making of others, they are expected to beg. It is time for a change.

Listen to the Speaker of the House. While she is not as progressive as we would like, she is playing it right in this instance.

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