PCCC Shifts Focus On Flipping State Legislative Seats In PA, NC, IA, MI, WI & WV

Received this e-mail from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

The election experts at The Cook Political Report just UPGRADED ratings for Democrats chances to win control over 8 state legislative chambers in states such as Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Michigan. This was their second major upgrade since this summer.

Can you donate to progressive champions in extremely competitive state legislative races? Many of them are working to flip red legislative chambers to blue.

If progressives win back just a handful of state legislative seats, Democrats can take back power in multiple absolutely critical state legislative chambers. That can put a stop to Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression in those states.

And, it can lead to states adopting a $15 minimum wage, expanding healthcare, setting ambitious clean-energy goals, expanded childcare, and much more.

We’re coming down to the wire, and the Cook Report says many of these races will be neck-and-neck.

By helping these state legislative candidates Get Out The Vote in their districts, we’re also helping getting out the vote for the Biden-Harris ticket and U.S. Senate candidates in key states.

And, we’re electing future Democratic leaders (remember Illinois State Senator Barack Obama?) and making sure they’re progressives.

It’s a win-win-win!

Please donate to progressive champions in some of the most competitive elections in the country.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— The PCCC Elections Team (@BoldProgressive)

P.S. Please also bookmark these Actblue links and use them when you want to donate to Senate candidates or House candidates. That way the candidates know your money came from progressives.

Click here to donate to these Democrats running for state legislative seats.

  • October 26, 2020