Received this e-mail today from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in support of the Wisconsin Democratic Party:

This is Ben Wikler, Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, and longtime progressive activist and PCCC ally.

Yesterday, thousands of Wisconsin voters were forced by Republicans and Trump’s Supreme Court to choose between exercising their right to vote and keeping themselves and their neighbors safe from the coronavirus.

Many of those who risked their health stood in lines for hours waiting to cast ballots. Countless voters who requested absentee ballots weeks ago did not get them in time and were completely disenfranchised.

What was done to Wisconsin offers a nightmare vision of what the whole country could face in the fall: A fight where Democrats struggle to balance democracy with public health, and the GOP remorselessly weaponizes courts, election laws, and the coronavirus itself to disenfranchise millions of voters who stand in its way.

Wisconsin will be ground zero in the general election and we cannot allow this to happen again. We have our work cut out for us between now and November. But we’re going to fight tooth and nail to defeat the GOP’s voter suppression tactics.

Right now, can you donate $3 to the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s grassroots organizing to ensure that every voter’s voice is heard and the PCCC’s work fighting for national vote by mail?

Two weeks from now, as the pandemic rages on, some number of people who voted yesterday will find that their fever is not subsiding. That they can't take deep breaths. That their bodies ache, relentlessly. They might never find out where they were exposed.

Three weeks from now, the same will happen to their family members and, for those who have essential jobs in places like grocery stores and hospitals, a percentage of those they work with and support. Four weeks from now, it will spread to the next level out. That’s how pandemics work.

They might never know the names of the specific legislators who chose, in the face of scientific consensus that public gatherings increase the risk of coronavirus transmission, to hold an in-person statewide election today. Names like Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald.

The Wisconsin GOP isn’t playing games. They weaponized the coronavirus for voter suppression, and Trump’s Supreme Court was eager to back them up.

We need your help heading toward November. We can’t allow their scheme to work.

Donate $3 to the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s organizing and the PCCC’s work fighting for national vote by mail?


Ben Wikler

Click here to donate to the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

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