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PCCC Helps Spread Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren's Op-Ed To Root Out Trump's COVID-19 Corruption

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Received this e-mail from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are urging Congress to root out corporate and Trump corruption as they move forward with coronavirus relief and rebuilding — and signaling that if Congress won’t do it now, Biden and Warren will ensure that these changes are made in January 2021.

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— The PCCC Team


There’s no oversight of coronavirus relief — because that’s what Trump wants

Sixty-four thousand dead. Thirty million people out of work. Small businesses collapsing. Communities of color hit exceptionally hard…

Relief legislation passed by Congress provides critical support for hospitals, families, small businesses and local governments…

As the price of their support for these measures, Trump and the Republicans insisted on a $500 billion slush fund for big businesses with minimal conditions — a fund Trump could use to reward his political friends and punish his political enemies…

The coronavirus rescue package imposed some oversight of these programs, but when he signed it, Trump said he’d ignore the law…

Trump seems to think he can direct funding for the response to this crisis based on which politicians are nice to him, which states he’s trying to win in November and which businesses he wants to enrich — all without any accountability…

During the recent presidential primary, both of us called for significant reforms to end Washington corruption and guarantee a government that works for the people. We urgently need those broader reforms now.

We highlight three areas:

Conflicts of interest

We need strong, vigorously enforced protections against conflicts of interest, including transparency of personal finances. We need to close loopholes and strengthen the rules on the books — which in emergencies such as this are especially critical in maintaining public confidence….


It is time to close loopholes and require more extensive public reporting of all lobbying activity, such as disclosure of the materials that lobbyists now provide behind closed doors to public officials…A president who holds up relief for millions of people just so he can put his name on the checks cannot be permitted to auction off federal help in exchange for electoral favors…


Inspectors general should be shielded from removal except for what’s codified as “good cause.” Whistleblowers must be protected…

If Congress and the Trump administration are unwilling to act now, then we will ensure that these changes are made in January 2021…

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