Received this e-mail today from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

When Republicans swept state legislatures in 2010, they used their power to redraw the entire Congressional map to their advantage for the next decade — while passing draconian laws for workers, unions, and immigrants.

That's why we must take back state legislatures this cycle. And our first opportunity is TOMORROW in Virginia where we are just two seats away in both the Senate and House! With the Republicans' gerrymandered map thrown out by the courts this year, Democrats have the best shot in a lifetime of taking back control.

That’s why we’re supporting candidates like Shelly Simonds (VA-HD93), who’s running again after her 2017 race ended in a TIE and random drawing. And, we’re helping to re-elect rising stars who flipped key seats in 2017 like Delegate Danica Roem (VA-HD13), the first openly transgender state legislator in America.

Can you donate to our slate of Virginia candidates so they can hire last-minute canvassers, supplies for volunteers, and targeted Get Out The Vote ads?

Republican State Senator Bryce Reeves (who said the “only openly gay Senator in our Senate … means infanticide is coming”) says the Republican Party of Virginia is “on life support.”

Republican State Sen. Amanda Chase (who wrote that “It’s those who are naive and unprepared that end up raped”) declared of her state Republican party, “They're bankrupt. They don't have any money.”

Incumbent Republican Delegate Nick Freitas, was forced into a write-in campaign after failing to turn his nomination papers on time.

The right-wing National Review writes grimly of “A Tough Outlook for Virginia Republicans as November Approaches”, and Morning Consult puts Trump's approval rating in Virginia at 37%.

Republicans are in disarray as Democrats target key swing seats. Can you donate $1 each to our slate of 31 Virginia candidates in tomorrow's elections?

Virginia Democrats could take control of the House of Delegates for the first time in two decades. And with your help, they'll break 400 consecutive years of white, male Speakers by giving the gavel to the first-ever woman.

Years of Republican control of the Virginia General Assembly has threatened progress nationwide.

The Equal Rights Amendment is on the cusp of ratification, but Virginia Republicans blocked it by one vote.

Thanks to lax gun laws, Virginia is a top source of illegal guns used by murderers nationwide. But Virginia Republicans refuse to fix this problem, endangering families everywhere.

And Republicans have tried everything they can to tilt the electoral scales, from blocking no-excuse absentee voting to trying to split Virginia's 13 electoral votes so no Democrat can take them all.

PCCC members have given over $100,000 to Virginia state and local candidates since 2017 and made huge strides — laying the groundwork for Dems to WIN control Virginia's state legislature now.

Let's humiliate Trump and Virginia Republicans. Can you donate $1 each to our slate of 31 Virginia candidates in tomorrow's elections?

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— The PCCC Elections Team

Click here to donate to turn Virginia blue tomorrow.

  • November 4, 2019