Paul Waldman at The Washington Post notes the obvious thing to say, yet no one says it. Trump has no economic recovery plan either:

[Trump] kept searching for a “miracle,” either that the virus would just vanish or that something like hydroxychloroquine would solve the problem and take it off his hands. Now that it’s clear that won’t happen, he has decided that the pandemic is taken care of and he’ll devote his time to cheerleading for our coming economic recovery.
But ask yourself this: Even on this ground where he feels more comfortable, what is Trump actually doing?
He’s tweeting about it. And visiting a factory or two, and holding some meetings with business leaders. But what is he doing, substantively, to help the economy recover? Pretty much nothing.

Every president in the modern era (except perhaps Hoover, if he counts) would be asking for something to address this near depression.  Put aside health policy.  Trump isn’t proposing a single thing for the economy.  People don’t even think that a presidency exists anymore – the question is what Pelosi and McConnell will do.
It's an amazing accomplishment.  Imagine a President whose every public utterance consisted of “All I can say is that we must defeat Climate Change now,” and no one asked “So what is your plan?  What is your Climate Change policy?”  (And imagine that in a campaign year.)
I’m largely content for now to let this particular omission play out because I think it is better to hold Trump’s feet to the fire on health policy and he only raises the economy to distract from his Covid failures.
But it is still remarkable.  And I also see the press continues to navel-gaze about that they get wrong.  How about just writing:  “Day X and the Trump administration still has no plan for either the pandemic or the economic recovery.”  It is not hard.    

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