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Paul Cook, CA CD-8, Is Latest Republican to Announce Retirement from Congress

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Republican Congressman Paul Cook of Yucca Valley, California announced today he will not seek re-election as congressman for California’s 8th US House district but will instead run for a seat on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

Republicans hold a lead of 4 percentage points in voter registration in the district, which stretches from Mono County to San Bernardino County along the Nevada border. But despite Democrats’ recent interest in making inroads in the district, it’s been long known as a deeply conservative area. President Trump beat Hillary Clinton there by more than 15 percentage points, besting Mitt Romney’s 2012 margin in the district, and Cook won his last reelection fight against a fellow Republican with 60% of the vote.

Cook’s Political Ratings has the district as R +9%. In a presidential election year and without an incumbent the district might get a major Democratic challenger, and California’s jungle primary voting can produce interesting results.

The demographics of the district are 50% white, 35% Hispanic, 8% black, and 4% Asian.

Republican US House Members Not Seeking Re-election in 2020 with Cook Ratings
AL CD-1 Byrne Running for Senate Safe R
AL CD-2 Roby Retiring, criticized Trump Safe R
CA CD-8 Cook Running for county board
GA CD-7 Woodall Retiring, “time for change”, district diversifying Tossup
IL CD-15 Shimkus Retiring, “for family” Safe R
IN CD-5 Brooks Retiring, “for family” Lean R
MI CD-10 Mitchell Retiring, “for family” Safe R
MT CD-All Gianforte Running for Gov. Likely R
TX CD-11 Conaway Retiring, lost chairmanship Safe R
TX CD-17 Flores Retiring, “for family, etc.” Safe R
TX CD-22 Olson Retiring, “for family”, district diversifying Tossup
TX CD-23 Hurd Retiring, criticized Trump, swing district Lean D
TX CD-24 Marchant Retiring, district diversifying Tossup
UT  CD-1 Bishop Retiring, lost chairmanship Safe R
WI CD-5 Sensenbrenner Retiring, 76 years old Safe R
WI CD-7 Duffy Resigned, family reasons Likely R…

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