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Paul Begala: Democrats can seal the win with Social Security

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Paul Begala: Democrats can seal win with Social Security

Democratic political consultant Paul Begala appeared on This Week with a message Democrats better heed. Trump made Social Security a winning Democratic hand.

Paul Begala gets it, Social Security at risk.

Watch the full episode here.

Donald Trump and his goons are trying all kinds of shenanigans to steal the election. They are working on voter suppression, crippling the post office, scaring the electorate, lying to the electorate, and much more.

Winning the election for Democrats is actually simple this year. They just need to run on fixing Trump’s failure. They need to be vigilant of the entire voting infrastructure by being present. Most importantly they need to make sure the flaky portion of their base knows that voting is existential more so than ever. In that light, Democratic Consultant Paul Begala had a message on This Week that I think was glossed over likely because it is not all that exciting. Here is what he had to say.

“People are hurting. And people want help,” said Paul Begala. “I mean, it’s music to the years. I love Alice, but when she accuses the Democrats of being Santa Claus, I mean, my God, they don’t need Santa Claus, they need emergency responders.”

Begala pointed out that Joe Biden understood the importance of Social Security to the election.

“And, in fact, there’s one thread on this that I think Democrats really have to focus on. And God bless Joe Biden, he did, and that’s Social Security, right?” Begala continued. “Last night Joe sent out a tweet, and he said this, today, Donald Trump stated that if re-elected he’ll undermine the entire financial footing of Social Security. This cessation, suspension of the payroll tax would cut the funding of Social Security, which is already being cut, of course, because of the recession. We’re collecting less revenue in payroll taxes. So when you — when you do that, you’re cutting Social Security.”

Paul Begala then urged the Democrats to grab the bull by the horns.

“Democrats need to know this in their bones,” Begala said with resolve. “They need to have this in their cells, in the cytoplasm of their cells. They need to know that if they communicate to people that Donald Trump, in his last two budgets, proposed cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid by $2 trillion, now he’s doing it again as part of a so-called emergency COVID package, that he’s bragged about it again and again. I’m sorry to be Nostradamus, but I had this in my book [You’re Fired: The Perfect Guide to Beating Donald Trump]. There’s an entire chapter about Trump wanting to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. And I tell the Democrats, that chapter is called, this chapter will beat Trump I guarantee it. Joe Biden seems to knows that, that’s why he jumped all over that last night.”

I think there is another group of voters that we need to give space for them to come on board. That is the Right-Wing voter who feels they are on quicksand but need the push, the invitation to come on board. Interestingly, I released my new book, “It’s Worth It: How to Talk To Your Right-Wing Relatives, Friends, and Neighbors” that can help with those techniques. Again, we do not do this in lieu of securing our base but as we secure it.

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