Patrick & Delvon Carolan: White dad, Black son discuss their experience w/ Police, School, more

Patrick & Delvon Carolan, father & son discuss their American experience. Delvon’s police encounters & discrimination at school was met by no-holds-barred dad.

Patrick & Delvon Carolan tells their story

Watch the full episode here.

Patrick Carolan, the Director of Catholic Outreach for Vote Common Good and former Executive Director of the Franciscan Action Network appeared on Politics Done Right with his son Delvon Carolan. America has finally brought the subject of systemic racism to the forefront.

For too long Americans have been living a false reality. Just recently South Carolina’s black senator Tim Scott said America is not a racist country. He should consider having a chat with Delvon Carolan.

Patrick & Delvon recount several stories that make it clear racism is alive and well. He had an encounter with the police that could have been deadly. He saw police take the side of his attackers when he called for help. He had a teacher show blatant disregard for his humanity by singling him out for something he didn’t do.

Lucky for Delvon, his dad was always there to fight for him. Patrick has been relenting in making sure to call out every ounce of racism directed towards his kid.

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