Patrick Carolan: voting hope vs. hate, Trump imaginary world, Right-Wing dialogue, MSM Awake?

Patrick Carolan, Catholic activist, writer, and speaker, discusses hope vs. hatred. The MSM has awakened to Trump polling reality & more.

Patrick Carolan defines election 2020

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  • Trump’s former spokesman Scaramucci said the money people are running away from Trump and betting on Biden.
  • Mainstream Media are finally reporting the polls as opposed to some Trump magical opportunity to come back.
  • Dave Wasserman from Cook’s Political report has some bad news for Trump.
  • While Trump brags that we are turning the corner, COVID-19 is at its worst ever.
  • Excerpt from my conversation with Right-Wing Social Media personality Tyler Bluntman.
  • Patrick Carolan explains why Election 2020 is all about hope versus hatred in a recent article he wrote, “USA: This election, the choice is simple – hope or hatred.”

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