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Partisans really put me off.

With each election I witness it is becoming quite evident that the last people that should be listened to are the Partisans, hell they can even put you off a candidate that you quite like. Funnily enough this seems to be the fundamental election strategy adopted by all sides, it’s a winner apparently.

What motivates me to vote are policies and ideas.

I would say as a good rule of thumb that I actively dislike most politicians and regard most of them as self serving sociopaths, the only thing separating them is actual policy.

Once the campaigns start fucking around and ‘strategerizering’ everything becomes more toxic.

Once the partisans start mouthing off, it becomes an abomination.

Hence about 9 or 10% of the population will each select their “champion” to the growing yawns of about 50% of the population.

A couple of billion dollars will be sacrificially burnt in order to get over 20 to 25% of the eligible  population to vote their way and maybe even getting 1 or 2 % of the voting population to change their minds in the swing states. If they can suppress a further few percent where it matters, they will try that as well.

The changes wont actually be based around any specific policies but which candidate appears to be less toxic because come November [between the strategists and partisans] it going to be like separating shit from manure.

Then the navel gazing will begin by the losers as they decide who they can blame and having voted they are themselves beyond any such consideration.

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At least most democracies have the good sense to have these national feces flinging contests last only a couple of months and for so much less capital expenditure.

This nothing new I know, but its wearing to say the least.

I’m not immune, so sometimes I join in the chorus, but I am trying harder each election cycle not to.

I am working on several projects important to our community here in Bretagne with respect to the environment, in other words occupying myself on matters where I can actually make a contribution.

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