Parents more worried about sending kids to white suburban high schools than to Black Lives Matter pr

Former Republican Congressman David Jolly dispelled the GOP stereotype applied to Black Lives Matter with one simple statement.

Black Lives Matter truth.

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David Jolly appeared on a panel on Nicolle Wallace's show. Wallace called out the GOP for using a sort of identity politics to created chaos. Jolly would come back with a statement that once again proves what many of us talk about. Republican politicians project.

“Nicolle, I would say beyond identity politics,” Jolly said, “Politics of race and race-baiting — I mean this goes back decades to some old tried and true tricks of the Republican Party to create fear around race for largely white suburban voters.

Jolly would then hit the core.

“If Republicans were serious about doing something about violence in the United States today,” David Jolly said. “Instead of approaching restrictions on the right to assembly and the right to speech, they would be approaching issues around access to firearms because parents are more worried today about sending their kids to a white suburban high school than they are letting their kids participate in a Black Lives Matter protest that's the reality of where we are in the country today. And yet Republicans are trying to define this around issues of protest and assembly and largely around racial overtones to each of those freedoms of expression.”

One could not have said it any better.

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  • April 22, 2021