No one is really talking about it but we all or most of us all have mirrors.   This is a real thing.  First of all quit beating yourself up.  One day at a time.  

Most of us gain weight during the holidays despite any unusual problems BUT if you add the stress we have all been under, excuse or not, we have gained weight.  If you haven’t, consider yourself blessed and lucky.

I looked at my Christmas pics and said, Oh Good Lord.  This is ridiculous.  I read on Web MD that the majority of Americans before Christmas had put on 8 to 10 extra lbs.  Average weight gain during the pandemic is 12 extra lbs.

Forget the New Years resolution, it won’t work this year.  This has to be a real  deliberate, set your mind thing.  I never found resolutions to work all that well.  

This is extremely difficult for some of us who have hormonal issues such as Graves disease, a thyroid condition  that speeds the metabolism BUT you have to take pills or have thyroid procedures  which puts weight on you, either way.  Hashimoto, another thyroid disorder is a weight gainer.

Why?  You ask why that extra 5, 10, 15 lbs?

Well, for one thing, we are stressed. which releases a hormone that packs on fat.

Another thing is we are sleeping too much or too less.

We are not  cooking correctly or using take out.

We are not going anywhere.

We sit or sleep and not moving as much.  I DO NOT PROMOTE THE GYM.  

Add worry, eating comfort food, feeling depressed and sleeping too much or too light and not moving as much and we have a problem with weight.