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ICE Forcing Parents of Kidnapped Children to Pay $8 a Minute to Talk to Them

x Charging families separated at the border as much as $8 per minute to talk by phone is a new low. Our country is better than that. I am calling on the Trump administration to end this shameless practice immediately and let these families talk for free. — Senator Bill Nelson (@SenBillNelson) July 23, […]

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Hey! Maria Butina Was at NRA Convention in Louisville in 2016! Guess Who Met with Her?

From the Louisville Courier-Journal: Maria Butina, arrested and accused by the U.S. government of being a Russian spy who tried to influence American politicians, was a last-minute speaker at a 2016 fundraising dinner in Louisville that included Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin and Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton as guests. Butina, identified as the chairwoman of the […]

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Example “A” for Why Democratic Voters and the Resistance Should IGNORE Cries of “SOCIALISM!”

You know the Resistance and progressives are making political headway when conservatives and their allies start to scream “SOCIALISM!”  It’s the 2nd best bogeyman for the GOP to use agasint Democrats next to such other conservative hits as communism, Muslims, Kenya, Black Lives Matter, ACORN, and …etc, etc, etc.  Oh, and let’s not forget it’s […]

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Trump's Putin “win.” It's distracting from his abject failure with North Korea.

Aww. Is Melania's widdle man getting cranky again? Who else but Trumplethinskin could spend the weekend in the finest suite, in a schlock golf palace that he owns, playing endless rounds, tearing up the greens with his overloaded cart, and still cop a mope? Even teething toddlers aren't this petulant, we're talking a unique breed […]

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The dangerous veto power of right-wing rage

Many Congressional Republicans were shocked—SHOCKED!—this week at Donald Trump’s humiliation in Helsinki. Like the rest of the world, they watched in real time as an American president kowtowed on foreign soil to a dangerous adversary of the United States. Siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the repeated conclusions of the unified American intelligence community […]


#Uncivil on Facebook about #TRE45ON

I was a wee bit inspired by all the diaries today about being #uncivil in the supermarket checkout line. #Uncivil, of course, is what Trump supporters call anyone who speaks out against their bigotry, hatred, and more recently, treason. I thought I'd share something that happened a few days ago. This wasn't as cool as it […]