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Elizabeth Warren Reads the Republican Tax Bill… Or Tries To.

“They want us to vote in an hour. An hour! I spent more than an hour making a decision about the refrigerator we recently bought.” x No, I haven’t had time to read the 500-page #GOPTaxScam bill that we’re voting on tonight. I couldn’t read

GOP tax plan is the worst jobs bill ever

With apologies to Benjamin Disraeli, there are three kinds of lies Republicans are telling about their tax plan: lies, damned lies, and f**king lies. Constraints of space and time preclude listing them all, but here is a handful of the GOP’s most farfetched falsehoods. For

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I just can't. Just. Can't.

I am so, so stupid. I really believed we were better. We watched time and time again, when Republicans faced charges of sexual harassment or worse, the horrible tactics used by the right against the accusers.  Dig into the accuser’s past — en masse! – to try

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Glenn Thrush accused. Media start circling the wagons.

Glenn Thrush has been accused of far worse that Al Franken — at least in my opinion.  Far worse than Bill Clinton actually.  Not only did he use his position to make unwanted advances on young female reporters but he spread stories after to hurt their reputations.  Look up the

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Abortion rights and free speech wrongs

The United States Supreme Court this week announced it would soon hear a major case that could redefine the legal landscape at the critical juncture where abortion rights meet free speech. In National Institute of Life and Family Advocates v. Becerra, the plaintiffs are challenging

Have you heard this about the Republicans' tax bill?

Two years ago, I had a highly recommended post excerpting various pundits on both sides of the aisle forthrightly describing the increasing insanity of the Republican party.  The point was that the danger presented by Republicans was so obvious that a new genre of punditry arguably had been

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The tell in the Tweeden story about Franken

The story Leeann Tweeden told about Al Franken kissing her against her will has a very big hole, I would say actually a tell that the story is, at the very least, incomplete, “No one saw what happened backstage.” Well if you have ever been

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Vergangenheitsbewältigung in America

This year represents the 25th anniversary of one of the great enduring memes of modern American culture and politics. In his thundering speech at the 1992 Republican National Convention, former Nixon hatchet man and Adolf Hitler admirer-turned GOP presidential candidate Pat Buchanan darkly warned of


Republicans' tax bill: Our Cold Civil War just turned hot

I believe it was Andrew Sullivan who coined  the phrase “Cold Civil War” to describe the current state of our Republican-Democrat divide, with the geography and ideology of our current dystopia uncannily matching the Mason-Dixon line that characterized our previous Civil War.  As Sullivan wrote a few years


BREAKING: Trump's Transgender Military Ban Blocked by Court. Updates.

…the President’s directives cannot survive such scrutiny because they are not genuinely based on legitimate concerns regarding military effectiveness or budget constraints, but are instead driven by a desire to express disapproval of transgender people generally… x BREAKING: US court bars Trump from changing military policy

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Can you say “Prisoner's Dilemma”

The game, Two individuals are charged with conspiring in the same crime. They are taken into custody and placed in separate rooms. Each of the prisoner’s is presented the same situation. If both prisoners remain silent they get twenty years. If one prisoner talks (offers