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PA-Sen: PA Dems Slam Pat Toomey (R) For Trying To Limit The Number Of Impeachment Trial Witnesses

Received this e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

Just last night, the Washington Post reported that Pat Toomey is lobbying for a limited, partisan witness deal in which Democrats can call one witness in exchange for one called by Republicans.

Calling witnesses is about hearing the whole truth, not scoring political points. Call Pat Toomey to tell him his tit-for-tat approach to witnesses won't fly.

As limiting as Toomey's deal is, we should take some encouragement from it.

Toomey wants nothing more than to end this trial and go back to giving tax breaks to the wealthy. For him to consider witnesses at all shows our pressure is getting to him.

So, we need to keep that pressure on and add to it.

Call Toomey in Washington DC and your nearest PA office to demand a witness resolution free of gross partisan gamesmanship.

Click here to call Toomey’s D.C. and local offices.