PA-Sen: PA Dems Already Getting Ready To Beat Pat “Assault Weapons Are Extremely Popular” Toomey (R)

Received this e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

Pat Toomey has made a career voting against his constituents' interests and assailing beloved programs like Medicare, Social Security, and the ACA.

But when it comes to putting lives over NRA profits, Toomeysuddenly wants to play Mr. Popular.

Watch Toomey say we shouldn't ban assault rifles because “they are extremely popular.” It's blood boiling.

Pat Toomey doesn't represent Pennsylvania voters. What he represents instead is the corrosive influence of dark money and greed in politics.

Pat Toomey's gotta go. Donate now and we'll immediately put your money to work defeating Pat Toomey and electing Dems across PA.

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