PA-Sen: John Fetterman (D) Keeps Up The Momentum To Legalize Marijuana In Pennsylvania

Received this e-mail from Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign:

Pennsylvania is *clearly superior* to New Jersey: In NFL teams, cheesesteaks, and convenience stores.

But as of this week, NJ has something that most states, including PA, do not:

Weed. Fully legal weed. 

I believe that weed should be legal, safe, and pure for medicinal and recreational use by adults across the country. Legal weed is good for farmers, veterans, and people suffering from chronic pain.

And I want to be clear, this is about MUCH more than sipping on some weed at home with your pals. Marijuana prohibition is a grave racial injustice perpetrated in our country. We MUST decriminalize possession, expunge all marijuana convictions in the process, and immediately release anyone imprisoned on non-violent marijuana charges.

If you agree, will you add your name right now to my official Legal Weed Petition? Let’s show that legal weed is a popular policy with a broad base of support from folks across the country.

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Most candidates don’t make legal weed a major campaign issue — but I always have, and I always will. My critics accuse me of supporting legal weed because I’m a stoner who wants to improve my stash. Some have compared me to Sean Penn’s character from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Yeahhh… This dude.

Jeff Spicoli:

I actually don’t use marijuana. I think the last time I smoked weed was at Burning Man in 1999. My amazing wife, Gisele, suffers from chronic pain and is a vocal medicinal weed patient. Her story of being helped by the plant is her truth.

Full legal weed means more justice, more jobs, and more freedom. Every day, *more and more* Americans understand this. In 2019, I launched an adult-use cannabis listening tour in all 67 Pennsylvania counties. In three months, our historic tour saw over 10,000 people turn out in person.

Legal weed is a BIPARTISAN issue. New Jersey is the latest state to fully legalize weed, but it’s not the first and it won’t be the last. By now, PA is surrounded by states that have legalized weed. In the liberal paradises of  South Dakota, Montana, and Arizona, voters overwhelmingly support full legalization.

It’s high time that we legalize weed in the United States. If you agree, will you add your name to my official Legal Weed Petition right now? I hope you’ll show your support.

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Thanks for all you do,


John Fetterman
Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

P.S. Did you know that the GOP made me take my legal weed flags down AGAIN this week? I’ll share a photo of how I put them back up soon, but in the meantime you can show your support by signing my official Legal Weed Petition. Click here to add your name.

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  • February 26, 2021