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Former President Obama will stop in Philadelphia next week to campaign for Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial and Senate candidates, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party announced Friday.

The former president next Friday will stump for Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey, both of whom are running for reelection, as well as for down-ballot House and state legislative races in a state where Democrats have their sights set on flipping several competitive seats at the state and national level.

Neither Wolf nor Casey appear to be in significant danger of being ousted.

A Franklin & Marshall College pollreleased late last month showed Wolf holds a 17-point lead over his Republican challenger state Sen. Scott Wagner. A RealClearPolitics average of polls shows Wolf up 14.7 points. The Cook Political Report lists the race as “Likely Democrat.”

The same Franklin & Marshall College poll showed Casey with a comfortable 13-point lead over Rep. Lou Barletta. RealClearPolitics average has Casey leading by 14.3-point lead over Barletta, and The Cook Political Report lists the race as “Likely Democrat.”

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is giving out free tickets to those who sign up to help out with GOTV efforts in South Eastern Philadelphia. Click here to sign up for a shift.

If you can’t make it, click below to donate and get involved with Wolf, Casey and their fellow PA Democrats’ campaigns:

Bob Casey

Tom Wolf

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