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PA Dems Keep Up The Pressure On GOP Senate President Pro Tempore To Seat Sen. Jim Brewster (D)

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Received this e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

State Senator Jim Brewster (D. PA)

Jake Corman—the top Republican in Harrisburg and the man trying to overturn a state senate election—keeps trying to explain away his anti-democratic decision not to seat Senator Jim Brewster.

On Friday, Corman posted to Twitter in a rambling statement with no shortage of lies. And one of the biggest doozies is this: he wants “people with election concerns to address them through the courts.”


Address them through the courts?

This is the same Jake Corman that recently urged Congress to overturn Joe Biden's win, even after courts at every level had overwhelmingly affirmed the election results.

It's the same Jake Corman that has railed against court decisions for months in his attempt to sow distrust and make voting harder.

It's the very same Jake Corman who is actively ignoring a ruling of the PA Supreme Court, which already ruled in favor of voters in the same race he wants to steal.

If Corman means what he says, he must follow the ruling of the PA Supreme Court and sit Jim Brewster immediately.

Last week, the world watched in horror as a right-wing mob—enraged by weeks of lies about election fraud—stormed the US Capitol trying to overturn a result they don't like. Jake Corman saw that too, and he's still doubling down on stealing elections.

For the sake of our democracy, it's time for Senator Corman and Harrisburg Republicans to seat Senator Jim Brewster.

It's also time that he apologize for his role in undermining faith in the presidential election (long after courts had ruled) and affirmatively state that Joe Biden won Pennsylvania in a free and fair election.

Please contact Senator Corman and ask that, for the sake of democracy, he seat Senator Brewster immediately.

Click here to mount pressure on Corman.

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