Received this e-mail from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

On Friday, Governor Wolf and state health officials released their plan to defeat COVID-19 and lead Pennsylvania back to prosperity.


It’s a plan backed by science, data, and the needs of everyday people, and we think it’s important that every Pennsylvanian read it to understand the road ahead.

The Wolf Administration has outlined its approach in three phases: Relief for families and businesses right now, Reopening when it’s safe and sensible, and Recovery to build our economy stronger than ever.

Before we can move forward, we have to care for ourselves and our neighbors now. That’s why Governor Wolf’s plan starts with steps and resources to support workers, businesses, and care providers.

If you or your loved ones could use a little help, here are some quick links to get it:
Find food assistance.
Learn more about unemployment benefits.
Learn about and request student loan help.
Seek help for mental health.
Explore resources for businesses.

We all want things back to normal, but without a measured and responsible plan to get there, we risk losing more lives and all the progress we’ve sacrificed for.

To safely reopen PA, Governor Wolf and Health Secretary Levine have outlined six standards we must follow along the way.


Finally, Governor Wolf’s plan charts a course for Pennsylvania’s future beyond COVID-19. And rather than return to the past, his agenda aims for a commonwealth stronger and more equitable than ever before.

The COVID-19 recovery plan outlines dozens of initiatives to get families and business back up to speed, while ensuring we’re better prepared for future crises. Highlights include:
→ A $12 minimum wage, gradually rising to $15/hour
→ Expanded sick leave, family leave, and hazard pay
→ Expanded student loan support/forgiveness
→ Substantial new investments in job creation
→ Additional funding/grants for small businesses

Know this: Together, we can defeat COVID-19 and emerge even stronger on the other side.

The Plan For Pennsylvania gives us the best opportunity at doing so. Thank you for supporting it and the Democratic leaders we need to see it through!

All our best,
Sinceré Harris
Executive Director | PA Democrats

Click here to read Wolf’s plan.

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