PA Dems Double Down To Stop This Homophobic, Islamophobic GOPer Become A State Senator

Donald Trump

Received this e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

The Republican nominee for PA Senate District 33 has no plan to help Pennsylvania. What he has instead is a scare-campaign built on bigotry, lies, and lunacy.

Just in recent days, he's repeated dangerous lies about abortion, spread homophobia and Islamophobia, and accused President Obama of hating Christians.


What's worse: the state Republican party hand-picked this man. Their chair called him “the kind of conservative candidate that reflects the values of south-central PA.”

You and I know “PA values” don't include radical hate, and we can prove it by beating Doug Mastriano May 21st. Will you chip in $3 to help?

Democrat Sarah Hammond knows what PA really values. She's a former factory worker with plans to rebuild the middle-class via better schools, wages, and working conditions.

And she rejects hate and lies like Doug Mastriano's. All our special election candidates do.

We're currently running in four districts where Democrats are outnumbered. To win, we need to convince new voters to reject Republican hate for our ideas that help everyone.

There's no place for hateful men like Doug in our commonwealth, let alone our legislature. Let's do all we can to elect Sarah and other Democrats in the special elections on May 21st.

Sinceré Harris
Executive Director | PA Democratic Party

Click here to donate to Sarah Hammond’s campaign.

  • May 3, 2019