Received this e-mail from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

This will be quick. We're writing to ask if you can donate to help flip four PA Senate seats and nine PA House seats needed for a blue majority. PA Republicans' political games are endangering frontline workers, and it's vital we have the resources to tell that story.

Here's what, with your help, we're going to tell PA voters…

First, Harrisburg Republicans blocked Democrats' plan to ensure paid sick leave, hazard pay, and proper safety gear for frontline workers.

Then, Republicans voted on party lines to force Pennsylvanians back to work in the middle of a pandemic.

And today, Republican lawmakers promoted and took part in dangerous protests that defied expert warnings, social distancing orders, and the pleas of healthcare workers.

Bottom Line: Harrisburg Republicans are rejecting science and putting PA workers at risk. We have to flip the majority in Harrisburg, and we only need four PA Senate and nine PA House seats to do it.

Make a donation to power the organizing and outreach Democrats need to flip the Pennsylvania legislature.

Click here to donate to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

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