First, some context:

Several Democratic state representatives are calling for the resignation of Republican leaders, including House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Marshall), who did not inform their Democratic colleagues that Rep. Andrew Lewis (R-Dauphin) tested positive for COVID-19. Though Lewis has been quarantining at home since May 18, he was last on the House floor on May 14, not wearing a mask.

Many members of the General Assembly are working remotely, but some members of both parties have continued commuting to Harrisburg, especially those on committees involved in pandemic response planning.

On Wed., May 27, Lewis announced on his Facebook page that he had tested positive for COVID-19 on May 20 and has now recovered from his mild symptoms. He wrote that he used the CDC guidelines to determine who he may have exposed and contacted them accordingly.

“I can confirm every member or staff member who met the criteria for exposure was immediately contacted and required to self-isolate for 14 days from their date of possible exposure,” wrote Lewis.

But several representatives are claiming that not a single Democratic member of the General Assembly was informed of Lewis' diagnosis, including those who work with him on a committee. And while Lewis claims he was wearing a mask when he was last on the house floor on May 14, photo evidence shows him addressing the room without a mask on.

Second, received this e-mail from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

You've probably heard by now. When a GOP lawmaker tested positive for COVID-19, Harrisburg Republicans tried covering it up to protect their talking points against science and facts.

They didn't just put their Democratic colleagues at risk. They put each lawmaker's family and constituents at risk, too. They endangered the public and betrayed our trust.

We won't belabor the point: We need to defeat every last one. Donate today to hold Harrisburg Republicans accountable and elect state Democrats everywhere.

Click here to donate to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

Also, I received this other e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

Your at-home ballot needs to be returned by Tuesday at 8 PM for you to have a say in the PA Primary. This weekend, make plans to drop your ballot off in person, safe and sound!

The local Board of Elections has set up dropoff locations near you this weekend. Go to to pick a time and place to return your ballot!


Please remember to wear your mask and follow all your county's safety guidelines when visiting your local dropbox or elections office.

If you need help finding a dropoff location, call PA Democrats' Voter Assistance Hotline: 833-728-6837. Our team is standing by to help ensure your vote is cast and counted.

Kay Yu
Voter Protection Director
PA Democratic Party

Click here to find your dropoff location.

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