Received this e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

Our 2020 victory plan is built on a simple premise: Democrats can win anywhere when Democrats show up everywhere.

That's why this year's ground campaign looks a bit different—with more staff in more places and more focus on the issues of your community. We want you to pass your local organizers and your fellow volunteers on the street, and recognize them when you do!

So we're hosting small, local (virtual) meetups all over the state this week! RSVP now to your local house party and get to know the people turning Pittsburgh blue in November.

Back To Blue PA Virtual House Parties
Local volunteer meetups you can join from home!
Tuesday, June 23rd – Saturday, June 27th


If you've wanted to get involved with Democratic campaigns but aren't sure where to start, this week's house parties are for you! You'll meet your friendly neighborhood field organizers and some of the other people volunteering around Pittsburgh.

Then, your local host will lay out the best ways to get involved for Democrats up and down the ballot in your area. We'll even connect you with a volunteer buddy if you'd like!

Now's the time to get involved like never before, Sam! Go to right now to browse the virtual house parties near you and sign up to join us this week!

Together we win,
The Back To Blue Field Team

Click here to find a Back To Blue Virtual House Party near you.