PA Democrats Fight Back Against PA GOP's Bill To Override Gov. Tom Wolf's (D. PA) Stay-At-Home Order


Received this e-mail from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

Harrisburg Republicans just voted to force Pennsylvanians back to work against the advice of doctors, scientists, and frontline labor leaders.

They put profits over people in the middle of a global pandemic. If not for Governor Wolf, we’d be staring down a new surge of sickness and death—all to appease CEO donors sitting miles from the factory floor.

Together, we can put these anti-science, anti-worker profiteers on notice. Chip in to turn Harrisburg back to blue in November.

Let’s just speak the truth: state Republicans don’t give a damn about PA workers.

They’re enforcing America’s lowest minimum wage. They rejected state Democrats’ plans for hazard pay and sick leave. And now they want to force workers back long before it’s safe.

That’s a message that will resonate with voters everywhere, and it’s a message we need your help getting out.

If you donate today, we’ll put your gift to work educating voters about the importance of a Democratic legislature. Please contribute to flip Harrisburg in 2020!

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  • April 16, 2020