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PA Democrats Are Determined To Fully Undo Outgoing House Speaker Mike Turzai's (R. PA) Legacy

Received this e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party:

Last week, Speaker Mike Turzai unexpectedly announced he won't run for re-election. Please give me a moment to share why that's such HUGE news and why it's crucial we support state Democrats right now!

For starters, any Republican stepping down is great for Dems' chances of flipping a seat. Relationships and name recognition mean a lot in close local races, and that gives GOP incumbents a big natural advantage.

When the Speaker of the House steps down, the impact is greater by magnitudes! Turzai isn't just the GOP's legislative leader; he's their top fundraiser and campaign general. His sudden departure could leave Republicans in disarray just as Dems are hitting full speed.

Finally, and most importantly, Turzai is an enemy of progress for all Pennsylvanians. As Speaker, he kept our minimum wage the lowest in America, worked with Betsy DeVos to sabotage public schools, and repeatedly tried rigging elections and silencing PA voters.

Turzai's white flag—on the verge of the 2020 election—is the best sign yet that Pennsylvanians are ready for change inside the statehouse! But that change will only come if we seize this moment to organize voters everywhere!

We need you as part of this movement to transform Pennsylvania: Make your first donation of 2020 to help Democrats organize and flip the PA legislature!

Thank you,
Sinceré Harris
Executive Director | PA Democratic Party

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